Permission to Engage in Research

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An individual or agency intending to conduct meaningful research within Mesa Public Schools must first submit a Permission to Engage in Research (PER) form to Dr. Joe O’Reilly at  Once received, the district’s Research Priority Board will carefully review each application using the following criteria:

- A minimum of student and teacher time should be involved in program implementation, surveys, testing, etc. Benefits will be weighed against time spent.

- The research instrument and procedures must be of such a nature and wording so as not to be construed as "offensive" by participants and/or the community.

- The results of the research must be of benefit to the students and district.

- The proposal must be solid in terms of design, measurement, and analysis.

The individual or agency requesting permission to engage in research will be notified of the decision immediately after the Research Priority Board completes their review. Please allow approximately four weeks for this process.



While conducting research in the Mesa Public Schools, I agree to the following terms on the collection and use of data:

I agree that I will not disclose to any other party any personally identifiable information obtained by me in the course of my research unless I have obtained the prior written consent of the parent or eligible student. I will furnish a copy of any such consent to the Department of Research and Evaluation.

I will advise every study participant of his/her right to refuse to answer any question either written or oral. This will be stated on any written instrument or prior to any interview for gathering data.

I will furnish the Mesa Public Schools Department of Research and Evaluation a copy of the results of the project. This report will be filed and made available to personnel at their request.

I will obtain clearance from the Department of Research and Evaluation and the schools involved if persons other than those specifically named in this application will work with students and/or district personnel in connection with this project.

If district staff create data files or provide more than incidental assistance, the researcher will be charged a rate of $50 per hour.

PER Form: email completed form to Dr. Joe O’Reilly at using “Permission to Engage in Research” as the subject line. All forms must be submitted via email. Please allow four weeks for review.

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