Athletic Information

As an athlete at Rhodes Junior High, students become representatives of the school, as well as, the individual team, the student's family and themselves. How a student acts sends an important message of the student's character and is a direct reflection on Rhodes Junior High. Athletes who represent Rhodes must follow the guidelines listed below:

Participation Eligibility

Home schooled student-athletes may participate with the school within the attendance boundary the student resides in.  Official documentation must be provided showing that said athlete is registered with the county superintendent of schools and maintain passing grades.  If a school does not offer a particular sport, a student may apply to any school within their district to be accepted for participation.  It will be up to the receiving school and district administration to accept or deny the request.  If a school accepts a student, an application to the East Valley Conference needs to be submitted before the season begins.  


Students attending Charter Schools are excluded from JHAC participation. 





 Rhodes Junior High adheres to the Mesa Public Schools JHAC “no pass, no play” policy.


Grades will be checked a minimum of two times each season.

  • At beginning of each quarter, starting with Season II.
  • At the progress report time.

 Students that fail a class the quarter previous to the current season, starting with 1st quarter and Season II, will be ineligible for a minimum of the first game of the season.  The student must provide proof of a passing grade to the coach and Athletic Director following the first contest and will then be eligible for the next athletic contest.


Following the progress report, students may regain eligibility during the season by providing verification of passing grades to the Team Leader/Athletic Director prior to the next scheduled athletic contest.



Student Conduct and Behavior:


All Rhodes athletes are expected to act in accordance with all MPS and Rhodes Junior High School policies and guide lines.  If they are violation of any of these policies or guide lines will not only face what are typical administrative consequences but may also loose the privilege of participating in athletics at Rhodes Junior High.