Students: Check your email every day!

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Students, please remember:

  • Go to Canvas to find your teacher's Webex link (click on the red button on the right)
  • Click here for the directions on how to find the information in Canvas
  • Or check your email

Parents and Students, Webex links cannot be posted and made public on the BRAVO page. They are in Canvas to make sure sessions are only for Rhodes students.

Thanks for your understanding as we work on technological difficulties. We're all learning together!


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Our school counselors have updated their website, so go check it out. They are available to you via the red button that says “Questions for the Counselor.”


Schedule Corrections will be honored ONLY for the following reasons:
1) The student SHOULD be enrolled in Band, Orchestra or Choir and they are not
2) The student is missing a core class: English, Math, Science or Social Studies
3) I took Computer Essentials through MDLP during summer school.


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