Rhodes Counseling

Rhodes Junior High has three full-time school counselors this school year. A school counselor's role, as defined by the American School Counseling National Model, is as follows:

  •   individual student academic planning and goal setting  
  •   school counseling classroom lessons based on student success standards
  •   short-term counseling to students
  •   referrals for long-term support  
  •   collaboration with families/teachers/ administrators/ community for student success
  •   advocacy for students at individual education plan meetings and other student-focused meetings 
  •   data analysis to identify student issues, needs and challenges
  •   acting as a systems change agent to improve equity and access, achievement and opportunities for all students
Rhodes' Counselors are here to serve the needs of the whole-child. Do not hesitate to reach out to your child's school counselor.

Ms. Guzman
CSI Team (7th/8th grade Honors students)


(480) 472-2333


Ms. MacIntyre

NOVA Team & Avatar Team (7th grade students)


(480) 472-2334


Dr. Ramirez

ACE Team & APEX Team (8th grade students)


(480) 472-2288

Ms. Guzman

7th/8th Grade Honors Counselor

Ms. MacIntyre

7th Grade Counselor

Dr. Ramirez

8th Grade Counselor

You Matter

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