Rhodes Counseling

Dear Rhodes Students and Families,

Thank you for reaching out to our counseling office. Please know that although we are not starting the year as we all hoped, we are excited to connect with you remotely for the school year.  Schedule Corrections have concluded for this semester.

Please click on the link below of  your assigned School Counselor with questions.

Rhodes Counseling Department, 
Ms. Guzman, Ms. Moore and Dr. Ramirez


Ms. Guzman

7th/8th Grade Honors Counselor

Ms. Moore

8th Grade Counselor

Dr. Ramirez

7th Grade Counselor

Questions for the counselor

You Matter

If you are in crisis and need to talk to someone immediately, please don’t wait. Please Click Here for resources


Suicide Prevention Resources

Career and Education

Community Resources


Service Learning Application