CSI Team


The Honors In-Person Team is one of six interdisciplinary teams at Rhodes. CSI is an 8th grade team designed for the needs of Honors, Gifted/Talented, and AVID students.

Like the other five teams at Rhodes, the Honors In-Person Team implements Rhodes to Success, an innovative program that drives academic and personal achievement through project- and problem-based learning and social-emotional learning.

A team of dedicated educators will build a learning environment for Honors In-Person Team students to participate in: 

  • A rigorous, cross-subject curriculum
  • Complex critical thinking and problem-solving tasks
  • Project- and problem-based learning that reaches a high level of depth
  • A college-going culture

Teachers and students will work together beyond walls and beyond bell schedules to share a learning experience that challenges, engages and encourages students to reach their highest potential.

Team of Teachers:

Mrs. Felix

Team Lead - Science

Mrs. Mortimer


Mr. Bauman


Mr Collins


Mr. Sears

Social Studies

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