AVID on the CSI Team

The CSI Team will serve Gifted/Talented students, Honors students, & AVID students. An acceptance into AVID means acceptance into the CSI Team. An acceptance onto the CSI Team also means entry into the AVID Elective.

All CSI students will have access to the AVID class & AVID teacher. An AVID cohort within the CSI Team will work more closely with the AVID teacher. 

AVID Program Application
What is AVID?

AVID is a school-wide college readiness system. One of the key purposes of AVID is to give students the academic and social supports that is needed and specific to each student to help them to be most successful. AVID has a proven record of helping to close the achievement gap. In addition, it increases opportunities for students with extra support in gaining significant scholarship money, increased entrance into college and higher skills for college and career. 


Traditionally, in the AVID elective course, students who are in the middle and are capable of honors courses with support would be targeted for this extra set of interventions. This included: 


  • Strong, family environment of social supports
  • Inquiry-based tutorial process to help students with their academic work
  • Goal-Setting
  • Explicit instruction on effective note-taking and reading
  • Binder Checks for organization 
  • Discussion strategies
  • College-culture and related tasks
  • College field trips


What can AVID offer?

All students on the CSI Team will have access to the following AVID supports:


  • Strong, familial environment
  • College-going culture
  • College visits
  • Rigorous, cross-curriculum instruction with academic supports through their AVID sessions
  • Inquiry-based tutorials to help one another
  • Explicit instruction of effective note-taking, reading and questioning
  • Instruction and implementation of excellent, personal organization skills
  • Goal-setting for personal, academic and social targets
  • Personalized interventions to maintain success in all team classes
  • Enrichment opportunities to extend learning