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2019-20 STEAM Updates

2018-19 STEAM Updates

Month 1 Update: Philosophy, Schedules and Grading

Update to STEAM Policies for Students

Contact Information

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the STEAM Team Lead: 

Marissa Felix

Call at (480) 472-2368

Text at (480) 331-5633

Overview of the Team

The STEAM Team is an all honors team. Students placed on this team will have 7 to support their needs. 


  1. Honors Science
  2. Honors Math
  3. Honors English Language Arts 
  4. Honors Social Studies
  5. AVID-Advancement via Individual Determination
  6. Embedded Elective
Students will be support with additional remediation and enrichment to continue to improve on individual strengths and weaknesses. 

Teachers will be working together to form student grouping, schedules, PBL (project/problem-based learning) units in order to personalize learning for the needs of our students. 

Placement on the Team

Students are selected for the team through a variety of sources to get a true picture of the whole student. These sources include: 

  • teacher recommendations
  • grades
  • student application
  • parent appeal