IR/OR Forms

What is an IR or OR?

Whenever a student is not following the POP expectations, they are initially given a warning for any minor or teacher managed behaviors. If they continue to not follow the expectations after that warning, then that student will receive an incident report (IR). An IR is a document that records the students failure to meet expectations and the interventions that teachers are choosing to use to correct that behavior. If the student receives 2 IRs for the same offence, the teachers will then make a mandatory parent contact. Once the third IR is received for the same behavior it then because an office referral (OR). ORs can also be given when a student is not following POP expectations by committing any major behaviors, or office managed behaviors. (To see what behaviors are office managed, and what behaviors are teacher managed, click on the link for the POP Flow Chart.)

IR/ OR Examples

If you would like to view an example of any IR or OR forms, click the links below.

IR Form

OR Form