Miss Madison Slarks


I am excited to be at Rhodes for yet another year! Throughout my time at Rhodes I have had opportunities to teach in a variety of positions. I feel as though they have all prepared me to successful help your students navigate through AVID. I view AVID as an opportunity for students to learn more about furthering their skills and knowledge after high school to roll smoothly into life outside of K-12 schooling. 

I was raised in the snow of Washington and was seeking for more sunshine in my life. I graduated from Brigham Young University- Idaho in 2015 and moved to Arizona for students teaching and have not left. I graduated in Special Education, but have furthered my certifications into general education. I am excited to support and challenge your students to prepare them for their next steps. 

What is AVID?
Que es AVID?

Madison Slarks (480) 472-2388