Learn More About the STEAM Team
A team-based approach to rigorous instruction

STEAM Team Application

Please complete and return to Rhodes JHS front office

Placement on the STEAM Team

Placement is determined based on a variety of factors, including: 

  • teacher recommendations
  • student application, including parent input
  • grades and other data
If you have questions regarding the STEAM Team or placement, please contact either: 
  1. Marissa Felix at mmfelix@mpsaz.org
  2. Valerie Cichy at vccichy@mpsaz.org


What is the STEAM Team?

A team of dedicated educators who will build a learning environment for students to participate in: 

  • A rigorous- cross subject curriculum
  • Complex critical thinking and problem-solving tasks
  • Project- and problem-based learning that reaches a high level of depth
  • A college- going culture

The STEAM Team is one branch of Rhodes to Success, an innovative program that drives academic and personal achievement through project- and problem-based learning.

Teachers and students will work together beyond walls and beyond bell schedules to share a learning experience that challenges, engages and encourages students to reach their highest potential.


Included in the STEAM Team is:


  • Honors Math
  • Honors Science
  • Honors English Language Arts
  • Honors Social Studies
  • AVID- Advancement Via Individual Determination
  • Other team-based elective(s)


What makes RtS and the STEAM Team unique?

On the STEAM Team and in RtS, we use a collaborative-team based approach for instruction:


  • The team of teachers "wrap around" the student to support their academic, social and emotional needs in a collaborative approach
  • We (the teachers) build a schedule for student that relates to their current needs, not the needs of the schedule. 
  • Teachers and students work collaboratively through rigorous content. Therefore, the impact is the students access rigorous information without it being a lot of unmeaningful work. 
  • Students work with an advisory teacher, in addition to their coursework. This advisory teacher will help them to meet their needs. 
  • Social-emotional learning is built into the school day, so students are able to focus not just on their intellectual development, but their social-emotional growth as well. 
  • Students take a project-based learning approach. In this way, students are able to apply their learning to higher levels of thinking. 
  • Intervention is built in for students, so no one gets left behind!