Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Riverview High School has implemented a comprehensive Student Assistance Program. The SAP utilizes a combination of interventions, which have been designed to address the unique needs of the alternative school population. 

  Student Assistance Program (SAP) Procedures

In order to help identified Tier II & Tier III students address their specific needs they may participate in the Student Assistance Program (SAP). Students may participate in individual, group, or be referred to community support services. These groups will run throughout the course of the school year to address varying topics such as substance abuse, various coping skills, anger, defiance, healthy peer interactions and/or academic success. Completing this process will give additional support to these students by providing them skills necessary to increase social, emotional and academic well being.


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Students can be self-referred, staff-referred, or the parent/guardian can refer a student for SAP. The assessment is made through the School Counselor and the Early Warning Indicator team.  Students will be referred for individual meetings, group meetings and/or community resources. 

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