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My name is Tara Garretson and I teach art at Riverview High School. Art was a new program in 2019, and as it is still in the beginning stages I am currently teaching beginning drawing and intermediate.

The students get to work on a variety of art mediums and when you scroll down, you will be able to see one of my classes big projects. The students were hand picked and given the opportunity to paint a mural in the cafeteria. While in my class, they learned about 1 & 2 point perspective and together we came up with a display wall art piece. In the end, the students learned good team work, improved their school and gave them a wall to showcase their talents. 

Before teaching at Riverview, I was a full time substitute for Mesa Public Schools. I couldn't decide what grade or what I wanted to teach, so I tried it all. After subbing at Riverview for one week I knew this was the place for me. Since then, I have been hired full time and the art program is up and running. 

I am dedicated to my work and helping my students achieve their goals. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. 

Taped Down Wall

Painting Time

Cafeteria Mural