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Question: Are there any prerequisites for any of the art classes?
Answer: Yes. Students must progress from Beginning level courses to Intermediate to Advanced. There are no prerequisites for Beginning courses.

Question: If students have had art classes at a different school, can they skip prerequisites?
Answer: It depends on the course and the school.

Question: If a student has taken advanced art courses at a junior high school in Mesa, can they skip prerequisites?
Answer: No. All students must start in a beginning level course and progress to the more advanced courses from there. Just as when students attend college they will have to start with 100 level courses. Students should view these classes as extra studio time and take advantage of the different teacher and more focused students at the high school. A student who is serious about his or her work will appreciate and take advantage of this opportunity.

All assignments can be adjusted to be more challenging to an individual student if that student chooses to make them so.

Question: Can a student "test out" of the beginning courses with a portfolio?
Answer: No, but the student should consult with his or her high school teacher about an appropriate time to bring the portfolio in for critique so that the student knows what to focus on throughout the semester.

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Question: Can students take more than one period of art?
Answer: Generally, yes, provided the above requirement is met.

Question: What courses satisfy Arizona Universities' entrance requirements for one fine arts credit?

Answer: Fine Arts courses only - each of the classes offered by the art department at RMHS except for Intro to Digital Studios fulfill 1/2 credit of the 1 credit students need for admission to most universities. Digital Illustration Studio and Digital Photo Studio are both year long classes which fulfill the entire 1 credit in Fine Arts (1/2 credit per semester).

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Question: Does RMHS participate in any competitions?
Answer: Yes. Students are presented with multiple opportunities throughout the year to participate in competitions both within and outside of MPS.

Question: Can my student earn scholarships for art?
Answer: Definitely! Many of the competitions we participate in offer scholarships as awards, particularly Doodle 4 Google and Art Institute competitions. Make sure your student pays attention to all announcements made in class and online regarding competitions and scholarship opportunities.

Also, your student's art teacher would be happy to help with any other competitions or scholarship applications your student finds.

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Question: Does RMHS have an art club?
Answer: Yes. Mr. Graves, the drawing and painting teacher, is in charge of the art club.

Question: Does RMHS have any other art-related clubs?
Answer: Yes. There is an anime club, Mind's Eye, drama club, and a SkillsUSA nationally affiliated digital art club. Also, most other clubs have a need for good art and design students to participate in their clubs and create posters, fliers, t-shirts, etc.

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Digital Studios

Question: What if I already took Photoshop 1 and 2, and want to continue with Photoshop classes?

Answer: You can sign up for AR70 - Digital Illustration Studio, which focuses on learning Adobe Illustrator and merging it with Adobe Photoshop.

Question: What if I already took Photo 1 and 2, and want to continue with Photo classes?
Answer: The new photo classes are entirely digital and have a new course code. You should sign up for AR21 - Digital Photo Studio.

Additional Questions/Answers can be found on the Digital Studio FAQ page.

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