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Photography/Design are going to NYC!
October 2017


Prices go UP on May 1st. Register by April 30th to avoid the increased fee AND get $75 off your trip.


ENROLLMENT: sign up for manual payment plan - EF will remove the $50 charge after you sign up. This way you will only pay the $95 to EF, then the rest to Red Mountain. I will announce to everyone when it is time to start paying at Red Mountain - we have to get an account set up. But everyone can start saving, so that they have something to put in when it's time! If you have already signed up for one of the other payment plans, please change it! 

MAXIMUM REFUND: this is everything except the $95 deposit.

PRICE DROP: one the price drops, their will be a negative balance and EF Tours can put that money back on your cards - most likely this will happen after the school submits the money and information of who paid what. I will be keeping very close track of all money paid.

PAYMENT TO RMHS: Please make sure that, once you pay any amount to Red Mountain (after I give the OK and account info) that you give me - via email or paper - a copy of the receipt. This will be the ONLY way that I can keep track of who pays what - and I will send confirmations and updates on how much was paid, and how much is owed.

HOTEL ROOMS: typically there are 4 students to a room, and 2 chaperones to a room. (EF hasn't answered about parents rooming with their child - so I will get that info soon)

PARENT/CHAPERONE COST: Parents can enroll as a traveler, and will pay the adult price ($2639) this price drops as more students sign up as well.

WHERE STUDENTS WILL EAT: Breakfast and dinner are included in the price. Breakfast will be buffet style in the hotel, and Dinner will be done in the city at varying restaurants.
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