JROTC classes meet daily. Monday and Tuesday are instructor lead academic days and are taught by either the Senior Army Instructor or the Army Instructor depending on the LET level. Wednesday is uniform day as well as Drill day. Thursday is student lead instruction (subjects from Unit 1 and at the discretion of the Army Instructor) and are taught by Cadets in the upper class (LET 3 and 4). Friday is physical fitness training day (wear appropriate clothing). The goal of JROTC is to help young people become better citizens. The various subjects taught during this program of instruction are designed to help cadets:

  • Appreciate the ethical values and principle that underlie good citizenship.
  • Develop their leadership potential, while learning to live and work cooperatively with others.
  • Demonstrate the ability to think logically and to communicate effectively with others, both orally and in writing.
  • Appreciate the importance of physical fitness in maintaining good health.
  • Understand the importance of high school graduation for a successful future.
  • Learn about college and other advanced educational and employment opportunities.
  • Develop mental and time management skills.
  • Learn how the military helped to shape American culture and understand the history, purpose, and structure of the armed services.
  • Develop the skills necessary to work effectively as a member of a team.


The following items are provided to each cadet:

  • All uniforms and accouterments (except physical training)
  • Text books, field manuals, work sheets, etc.
  • Maps, protractors, and compasses
  • Miscellaneous equipment


The following items are required:

  • District issued/Student provided laptop/notebook
  • Writing instrument and paper (cadet notebook)-daily
  • Portable thumb drive (minimum storage capacity of 1GB)
  • Brass polish, i.e., Brasso or similar product once a cadet has been issued a uniform. (Small quantity)


All aspects of the cadet’s performance are considered for the term and/or semester grade to include:

  • Academics(30%)- Quizzes, tests, examinations, presentations, homework, etc.
  • Participation (30%)- JROTC, school and community support activities. Members of the corps of cadets are given the opportunity to participate in numerous school, community, adventure, athletic, competitive and social activities to satisfy their participation requirement.
  • Uniform Inspections (40%) See uniform policy detailed below.

Letter grades are assigned in accordance with the Mesa Public Schools grading policy. All Corps activities are detailed on the weekly training schedule which is published and posted to the Corps bulletin board two weeks in advance. It is each cadet’s responsibility to check (read) the bulletin board daily.


Wearing of the uniform is a privilege. Uniforms are worn on Wednesday of each week. Only the Senior Army Instructor can excuse cadets from not wearing their uniform on uniform day. Students are NOT authorized to excuse other students from wearing the uniform. Cadets in their first semester of JROTC will not be issued a uniform at the time of enrollment. The decision to issue a uniform will be made by the instructor staff based upon a cadet’s overall performance and expressed desire. Once a cadet has been issued a uniform, the standard for continuing cadets, detailed below, applies. As uniform inspections account for 40% of a cadets grade, cadets who have not been issued a uniform will be required to wear dress clothing (business) on weekly uniform days. Dress clothing consists of a dress shirt and tie, dress pants and dress shoes for male cadets and dress slacks (or skirt), blouse and dress shoes (no open toe shoes) for female cadets. Grading will be on a go/no-go basis meaning that a cadet receives maximum credit for the inspection if dress clothing is worn or no credit if dress clothing is not worn.

The intention of this policy is NOT to have parents or cadets purchase any items of clothing expressly to satisfy this requirement but rather to develop a cadet’s sense of personal responsibility. Cadets are expected to make a “best effort” with the clothing items they currently own. Best effort means that the clothing is clean, pressed and worn in an appropriate manner. The expectation is that the cadet takes responsibility and makes the effort to satisfy this requirement.

Continuing cadets, selected 1st semester cadets, and those in at least their second semester of JROTC, are required to properly wear the uniform all day on scheduled uniform day and as directed by the instructor staff. Proper wear of the uniform means that both the uniform and the cadet’s personal appearance satisfy prescribed uniform standards. Failure to properly wear the uniform adversely impacts a cadet’s grade. Willful and continuous violation of the uniform policy results in a failing grade and removal from the program.

Cadets are expected to maintain their uniforms and accouterments to military standard (AR670-1). Loss of, or damage to, uniforms and equipment caused by abuse or neglect results in a monetary debt to the school. Uniforms are to be professionally cleaned for return when a cadet leaves the program and/or at the end of the academic year.


Daily attendance not only enhances the cadet’s academic progress but significantly enhances his/her opportunities to assume leadership roles within the battalion. Parents are notified when their cadet/student accumulates (5) absences through the administration office. The Red Mountain High School attendance policy is enforced as per the Student Handbook.

DATES TO REMEMBER AND DEADLINES. Specific guidance and information about important events will be handed out or posted in the classroom, briefed to all cadets and sent home to parents as applicable. While cadets are expected to attend and participate in class and all JROTC events, some events are classified as mandatory. Missing a mandatory event will result in the cadet receiving a zero for that event. The only exceptions will be if there is a verified family emergency (such as a death or serious injury) or if a doctor’s excuse is presented.

Five important events requiring emphasis are the Winter Parade, the Spring Parade, the Awards Ceremony, the Annual 5K Run, and, the Fund Raising (Football Stadium Cleanup) events.  Attendance at these events is required to achieve maximum cohesion as a Battalion. The Cadet Leadership learns to organize, supervise, manage, and lead through these activities and events.


 ALL academic assignments are accessible through Canvas. Therefore, if the student has access to the inetrnet, they will have access to Canvas.  Any assignment(s) missed because of EXCUSED absence(s), including uniform inspections, must be completed and/or turned in within three (3) school days of the cadet’s return to class. When a cadet has been absent IT IS THE CADET’S RESPONSIBILITY TO DISCUSS MAKE-UP ASSIGNMENTS with the appropriate instructor without delaying or disrupting the regular classroom routine. Missed assignments, quizzes, tests, examinations, presentations and uniform inspections CANNOT be made-up if the absence(s) were UNEXCUSED. Cadets absent for significant periods of time due to chronic illness, injury or other matter may have their assignments sent home by making a request through the attendance office.