Google Drive Help


Use the following Google Drive tips and tricks to up your productivity!


1. What does this button do?

If you are ever unsure of a button, hover over it with your mouse and a pop-up should appear explaining its function.


2. Create Folders to stay organized

Creating folders will help you organize multiple files. You can also create a folder to share with someone and they will be able to access all file in that folder.

To create a Folder:

  • Click the blue New button in the upper-left corner
  • Select Folder and name it
  • Move or drag files into folder


3. Utilize the Search function

At the top of the page there is a search bar that you can use to search through all of your documents.


4. Share documents

If want to send someone a document or need to work with someone remotely use the Share button. Sharing a document allows any collaborators to edit in real time.

To Share:

  • Click Share in the upper-right corner
  • Add email/s you want to share with (files will show up in their Shared with me tab)
  • Click Done

*You can also use share to send links to anyone who does not use Google Drive


5. Converting Documents

You can covert Google Docs to PDF or most Microsoft programs (i.e. Word & Excel).

To Convert a document: 

  • Click File
  • Hover over Download as...
  • Select a program


6. Revert to an older Version

Google saves every updated version for 30 days or 100 revisions, whichever happens first.

To Retrieve an older version:

  • Click File
  • Select Revision History and find the version you are looking for
  • Click Restore


7. Voice Typing

Tired of typing? Google Drive offers a voice typing function that works surprising well! It also understands the phrases "period" and "new line" so you can format your document as you dictate.

To use Voice Typing:

  • Go to Tools
  • Select Voice Typing


8. Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts can be really handy! To find a list of Google Drive shortcuts use Ctrl + /.


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