Google Search Help


Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your Google searches!


1. Use Quotes for an exact match " "

Put a word or phrase inside quotes and Google will search for those exact words in that order.

2. Use a Hyphen to exclude words -

Using a hyphen tells Google to exclude that specific word from the search. Ex: mustang -cars

*A + does the opposite and forces Google to include that word in the search. 

3. Use a Colon to search specific sites :

Use a colon to search within a specific site. Ex: the commons

* You can also use a colon to find similar sites to those you already use. Ex:

4. Use an Asterisk if you can't think of the word *

Put an asterisk in place of a word or phrase you can't think of and Google will try to figure it out for you.

5. Use Google as a dictionary

Put define and the word you want to lookup and Google will give you the definition.

6. Search Images using an Image

Go to and select the camera icon to upload an image or URL to search.



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