How to Print

Copier-09, located in The Commons, is available for all students to print, copy, and scan.

To Install Copier-09 open Chrome, go to and click Install.

If prompted, click Add to Chrome or Install Extension.

In the new tab select Enable this Item at the top of the page, highlighted in yellow.

Return to the previous tab and find Red Mountain High School, select Copier-09, and click Yes to install (you may have to refresh the page if you are still getting an install message). 

*If you are asked to enter a password, please ask library staff or Tech Support for assistance.

The copier will store all print jobs until retrieved!

To retrieve your print job, select Quick Menu on the copier touch screen.

Then select Print.

Find and select your document from the list. Scroll down to the bottom to find the most recent print jobs.

Change settings if necessary, check Delete File After Printing, then select Start Printing.