Working in a state of the art laboratory, students experience skills currently performed in leading biotechnology industries, including the use of micropipettes, spectrophotometers, gel electrophoresis chambers, and thermal cyclers.   Students investigate proteomics, plant tissue culturing, human genetic diseases, forensics, and genomics preparing them for the future. 


Year 1: Biotechnology Concepts and Techniques/Biotechnology 1 (Dual Enrollment) #SC48

Students investigate and manipulate living organisms and experience the field of biotechnology through micro pipetting, spectrophotometry, electrophoresis, PCR, and cell culturing.


Year 2: Advanced Biotechnology (Dual Enrollment) #SC54

Students study proteomics, plant tissue culturing, synthesizing DNA, human genetics diseases, and DNA sequencing and genomics.


Year 3: Scientific Research Methods #SC92

Students experience a research intensive course providing them with the opportunity to conduct authentic research and connect with industry professionals.


Field Experience #CT59 (Optional)

Students conduct a biotechnology research project and potentially partner with a local scientific research institution receiving on the job training and research support.