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MCC Dual Enrollment Levels 3 and up

Proficiency in the Foreign Language Classroom

World Language Tutoring

All WL teachers will tutor any level. All teachers are available for tutoring upon appointment. Students must refer to teacher’s syllabus for tutoring

World Language Grading Policy

  1. Grade calculation

    1. 4 categories (weighted)

      1. 10% Practice (homework, bellwork, classroom)

      2. 20% Semester final

      3. 30% Formative / Performance (tests, quizzes)

      4. 40% Summative/Proficiency (Overall assessments, what the student can do with the language in the 3 modes of communication)

        1. Note:  We have used this the last 3 years with great success.

  2. Zeros - the overall goal is to not to have any zeros in the gradebook, if possible.

    1. Any zero placed in the gradebook MUST have an explanation in the comment box so parents/students understand why.

    2. Zeros are considered to be “temporary” but the responsibility is on the student to change it.

  3. Late work - will be allowed to be turned in within the grading period with a 50% reduction and feedback given to student. 

  4. Retakes

    1. Students are to initiate and complete retake document

    2. Proficiency/summatives are not eligible due to the nature of the assessment. 

  5. All grades are semester based.







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