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Incentive System
Intentional and specific recognition and reinforcement for positive behaviors

Red Mountain Change

If a staff member observes a student displaying one of the three characteristics of The Red Mountain Way, he or she has the opportunity to virtually acknowledge that student by filling out a form.  When the student is acknowledged, the Red Mountain Way team will call home and delivery of a random gift.  The student will then be entered into a monthly drawing for a bigger gift.

Red Mountain Acknowledgement is given out at staff members’ discretion using the Red Mountain Expectation Matrix as their guide. However, gifts are an extra thank you and should not be expected each time a student demonstrates one of the expectations from the Behavior Matrix. 


  Acknowledgement Form

The Change Exchange

The Change Exchange is the central hub for the Red Mountain Way incentive system.  Located in the Commons, the students can bring their RM Change from previous years, as we are not currently using RM Change.  When the student drops off the RM Change, they will receive a random gift, and be entered into a drawing!

Random Gifts

These are some of our gifts students can receive:
                 RM Spirit Items:
Pencils, Stickers, T-Shirt, Notebooks, Journals
Bracelets, Lanyards, Assorted Bags, Keychains
                 Other Gifts:
Gift Cards to various establishments
Choice of Passing Music
Early Start to Lunch
…And many other gifts

Quarterly Socials!

There are no Socials scheduled at this time.  

Quarterly Drawing

If you choose to enter the quarterly drawing, you will receive a RM Way spirit item, and your name will be entered to receive a larger prize at the end of the quarter.  

Stay tuned for the next quarterly drawing...