September Lion Time Lessons

September 5-8: Digital Citizenship Lesson

Sept. 5-8: Digital Citizenship Lesson

All students are expected to complete the Digital Citizenship course in Canvas. Completion is being tracked by second period teachers during Lion Time. 

There is not specific Lion Time during which students need to complete the lesson, but they must complete all lessons within the Canvas course by September 8th.  Dr. Gowdy will be tracking completion of the course, so use the link below to complete a Google form verifying that students have completed the lesson.  

Digital Citizenship Course Completion Report

Sept. 11: School Spirit Lesson

A common question among student leaders is, "How do we increase school spirit?" On this episode of The Harbor, Mike shares how his college basketball coach helped him realize that school spirit and togetherness starts when we begin to show up for each other.  

Use the links below to access the video and discussion questions.

Link to School Spirit lesson on Canvas w/ discussion guide

Link to School Spirit episode on Google Drive 

Sept. 26: Voter Registration Drive

Red Mountain is partnering with the Inspire U.S.organization to encourage students to participate in a voter registration drive.  During today's Lion Time, please have students watch the short video and provide them with the opportunity to register to vote or (for those who will not be 18 in November) to pledge to vote.  The links are provided below.  

Link for voter registration - students who will be 18 in November 

Link for voter pledge - students who will not be 18 in November

Link to the video