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2020-2021 Parking Permits

Student Parking Permits are required for students parking on campus this school year. 

The cost is $30. Payments can be made online in advance or brought with the completed application and documents to the bookstore. Payments can be made with debit/credit, cash or check made payable to Red Mountain High School.  All fines must be clear prior to purchasing a permit, including any unpaid first semester class fees.        

The parking application paperwork is obtained by picking one up in the bookstore or by clicking the 20-21 parking application button to the right and printing at home.  Make sure both student and parent signatures are completed.   

Staple a legible copy of the student's drivers license, a copy of the current car registration, and a copy of the current car insurance card to the back of the application. We can make copies of original documents in the bookstore.   (If more than one car is listed on the application, a current registration and insurance card MUST be included for each vehicle.)  Expired documents will not be accepted.  

If a student needs to add a new vehicle to an existing parking permit, please bring in a copy (or original) of the new vehicle registration document and insurance card listing the vehicle, and we will add it to the permit. There is no additional charge unless the permit has more than 3 vehicles listed, then it is $5 for each additional car.  

Questions?  Call the bookstore 480-472-8023. 

20-21 Parking Permit Application
Online Payment

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