College-Bound Student Athletes


There are 3 types of colleges/universities with athletic programs


1.      NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association

    Division I

    Division II

    Division III

     The NCAA requires students to qualify through the NCAA Eligibility Center for Division I and II.  See Ms. Griner for additional information.

    NCAA –

     NCAA Eligibility

      (Speak with Ms. Griner prior to registering with the Center)

2.      NAIA – National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

     NAIA –

     NAIA Eligbility Center -

3.      Junior or Community Colleges

     NJCAA –

     AACA –


Helpful Websites


Arizona State

University of

Northern Arizona



Mesa Public Schools Athletics –



Please make an appointment with Ms. Hale to receive detailed information, literature and eligibilty requirements.