Bartlett at Roman Bath in Bath EnglandMrs. Andrea Bartlett

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Long ago and far away, a little baby girl was born. Her father was a military officer and her mother was a nurse. They were both voracious readers of histories and classics. They passed this great love of reading, history, and travel to their child. As they moved around the United States and traveled to different places, they instilled a great sense of duty to country and great love of fellow man. 

She attended Arizona State University for her undergraduate, and eventually graduate, degrees. There she read great literature, participated in mind-opening debate, and searched for ways in which she could make a difference in the world. She grew to be a fiery advocate for education and equality. Her life mission became one of spreading knowledge and compassion. And thus, she became a teacher.

She went on to became a wife, a mother, and a perpetual student. She continued her quest to make a difference when she began teaching in South Phoenix in a Law Program. Fortune then smiled upon her wishes to teach closer to home and family, and she found herself teaching Government and American History (two of her great loves) at Red Mountain High School.

And now the story continues...


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