Introduction to Engineering Design


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Welcome to the first year of PLTW Engineering at Red Mountain High School! This class is going to teach you how engineers think, work, design, and solve problems.


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IED is a foundations course in the PLTW curriculum and you can expect the following:

Students will dig deep into the engineering design process, applying math, science, and engineering standards to hands-on projects. They work both individually and in teams to design solutions to a variety of problems using 3D modeling software, and use an engineering notebook to document their work.


Unit 1: Design Process

Unit 2: Technical Sketching and Drawing

Unit 3: Measurement and Statistics

Unit 4: Modeling Skills

Unit 5: Geometry of Design

Unit 6: Reverse Engineering

Unit 7: Documentation

Unit 8: Advanced Computer Modeling

Unit 9: Design Team

Unit 10: Design Challenges


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