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Coach April Steiner Bennett

Strength and Conditioning
Girls Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Swim/Dive


students are expected to dress out, behave with respect, positive influence and courage, and to participate with great effort. Grading can reflect a combination of these numbers depending on the violation totallying 5 points/day awarded. 

Non Dress: -2

Non Particpation: -2

Behavior: -2 to -5 and an MIR if they are disrespectful and its needed. 

Participation and Behavior usually overlap.

Safety is of the utmost priority as we are in weight rooms, lifting all different types of weighted items.  


My goals in this class with the athletes is to help them become better athletes, all around, not just specific to their sport.  My program consists of cross training between strength and conditioning or a combo some days.  Injury prevention is another focus in my program and many injuries can be avoided by implementing several days a week attending to the "little" exercises that make a huge difference. 


Thank you!

April Steiner Bennett