How does my student raise their grade?

In general, your student can raise their grade by mastering the content.  Broken down into smaller parts your student has a variety of ways to improve their grade.  The easiest is to make sure that they are doing the day-to-day work that the course requires.  Students will take notes and have activities in class daily to explore and practice new skills and concepts.  Practicing those skills and concepts in their near daily assignments is VITAL to their success.  Part of that practice should include writing down the problem, showing all work to get to a solution, and checking that solution to make sure that it satisfies the question asked.

Notes and previous work should be used to study for quizzes and tests.  Tests will have a study guide.  Quizzes will not due to the fact that they only cover two sections at a time.

Studying for tests should include a review of quizzes and homework.  Looking to learn from mistakes should be paramount for success on tests.

Do you offer extra credit?

I do not offer extra credit.  

Can my student re-do that assignment, quiz, or test?

Assignments such as homework are due on Fridays.  I give students several days to get their assignments done in case there are conflicts.  Assignments for the week open at the start of the week in case students want to work ahead.  Students will be responsible for submitting a picture of their week's worth of assignments in order to receive credit.  Assignments may not be redone.  If a student submits late work via Big Ideas, Canvas, or otherwise, it is their responsibility to e-mail me to let me know to check that it is complete.

Quizzes may be retaken ONE time to show mastery.  Before they may take the redo, they must attend one tutoring session, have a 70% accuracy or better on all homework assignments for those quizzes, and correct their mistakes.  Their new score will replace their old score.  However, quiz retakes may not be done once the test for that chapter has been completed.

Tests will be redone at the end of the quarter when we take the quarter test.  Better achieved quarter test results will replace their original results.  In theory, if students are doing their assignments and quiz retakes, they should do well on chapter tests, thus showing mastery.

What are your tutoring hours?

My tutoring hours are posted at the top of my school webpage.

Are there other tutoring opportunities?

Red Mountain offers a variety of tutoring opportunities.  Please visit the Academic Support page for reference.

My student says they submitted their homework/assignment on Canvas but the Grade Portal shows a zero?

If there is a discrepancy with any grade transfer from Canvas (where students submit their work for homework for credit) and to Synergy (where parents and students can check their overall grade), please e-mail me and let me know that the problem exists.  Many times students submit assignments after the due date.  When that happens, they have been directed to e-mail me that they have submitted it.  As soon as I get that e-mail I will make necessary adjustments and respond to the e-mail.

What do I do if my student missed a day?

If you check my google calendar you will be able to see what we did in class that day as well as the homework assignment.  Most of the time, homework assignments will be in their Big Ideas account.  They can get the notes from a classmate or from me upon their return.  They may also watch videos on how to do the math in their Canvas account.

If they miss a test or quiz you student will have to complete that test/quiz upon their return to class.  I will not give out passwords to quizzes or tests until students have completed the paper/pencil portion of the exam.

How else can I help my student succeed?

There are several ways to help your student succeed:

1)  Encourage your student to fully participate in class by asking questions, taking notes, asking questions, and seeking understanding every day.

2)  Encourage your student to attend tutoring before quizzes and tests.

3)  Encourage your student to use their cellular device in an appropriate manner.  For a vast majority of class, this will mean not using it for any reason.

4)  Purchase a TI-84 calculator or use the link on my webpage to install an emulator on their student device.  Learning to use this tool will significantly help your student this year AND in future math classes.

What if we're having problems with the technology and/or student device?

There are several links at the top of my webpage that address technical issues.

How can I see if my student is doing their homework?

You can monitor assignments in their Big Ideas account.  If you have them log into their Big Ideas account and then click on the tab at the top that says "Assignments" you'll get a refreshed window that has a few tabs. One of them says "Overdue" and will allow you to see what they have not done.

You can also use that same account to look at what you student has completed.  Back at the top is a section called "Reports" and if you click on that, you can review past assignments, check for accuracy and look for ways to help your student (if necessary).