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A Tale of Splendor and Amazement!

You think you know, but you have no idea! The details of my life are quite inconsequential. Let's see, where do I begin.... Garbage Man


In Tucson, Arizona it was a great Spring day in 1978 when a child came to be on the Earth. His name, Mr. Krieg of course. Who were you expecting, Captain Stubing?

Soon after, I began my hopes to dominate the world and hone my skills as a gifted student and athlete.

HelloEventually, people began to realize my amazing talent for three things, academics, sports, and creatively expressing myself in silly terms...

FootballTucson is known for a few things. One, the fine institution, 'THE' University of Arizona, Saguaro National Monument, the Sonoran Desert Museum, and of course the historical marker of the Krieg household. I have many fond memories of my childhood from playing in the back yard underneath the gorgeous Santa Catalina Mountains to playing in the Agua Caliente Wash to climbing mesquite trees all over the place!

cryingSometimes life was good and sometimes it was bad, but for sure it wasn't boring. Family and friends visited often, many events were held, and birthday cakes were eaten. And life, as they say, was just happening!

bikesFor those who don't know anything about my house growing up, I'll tell you a bit. First, you must understand it was built in the 1970's so all of the interior looks straight out of that decade (disco ball not included). The house has three bedrooms, a family room, formal dining room and sitting room, huge back yard and sits on an acre of land. My dad has a six car garage in which he tinkers and plays with his 'toys'.

First DayI attended elementary school at Tanque Verde Elementary School. Junior high was at Emily Gray Junior High and high school was at Rincon/University High School. At Rincon I played football, basketball, golf, and track. I was also in band, marching band, jazz band, orchestra, academic decathlon, National Honor Society, and student council. I didn't have much free time, but the little I did I used to sleep. Basketball!


Well, I won't talk about my parents. Not because they don't matter, but just because I didn't want pictures of them on here. However, I did have a younger brother growing up. Funny you mention it now because he's now my bigger brother. But let's be honest, I can still win...

hikerSummer time was spent in the White Mountains, finding anywhere cool to have fun, or water skiing at Lake Roosevelt. But the best part was when my family and I spent time traveling the great United States in the confines of a 1976 Coachman motorhome! Lots of fond memories and exciting locations.

GradYes, I graduated from college. Yes, I was in a fraternity. No, we weren't like Animal House. See all of the chords and honors stuff around my neck. That means I'm smart...or I just bought a bunch of them to look cool. Guess you'll never know, huh?

Today, I'm just me, come and see me in room 816!