Counselor, 10th Grade (L-Z)

Hello Mountain Lions! It's been my pleasure to work with students in Mesa Public Schools for over 25 years. Red Mountain is a fantastic school, and I have worked here as a Counselor since 2007. This year, I am excited to work with Sophomores (last names L-Z). I look forward to helping you navigate the next few years of high school. Together we'll stay on top of grades and credits, set some goals, and plan for some of the next steps in your education.

I also work as an AVID Counselor, Service Learning Coach, and an AP Co-Coordinator. Outside of school, my husband and I try to squeeze in lots of fun with our three teenagers (ages 13, 17, & 19).

If you have a question about anything at RM and don't know where to start, just ask me! Class of 2024 - let's have a great year!

Service Learning 

Refer to the Service Learning link on Red Mountain's counseling website for more information.

Red Mountain Core Values