Chemistry Policies and Student Expectations


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Parents and students,

            Your student is about to begin a new year at Red Mountain High School, and a journey into the world of chemistry. I am Mr. Bolster and I’ll be aiding them during their discovery. I’ve studied the workings of life for years and graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Genetics and Biology.

            The future they’ll live in will require a good understanding of how life functions. Everything is changing from what foods they eat, what medicines they take, and the ever greater impact of humans on the world around them. Understanding biology will help them be able to take care of themselves, others, and the environment around them either through their actions in their personal lives or through their voice as citizens.



Ø      To develop a foundational knowledge of science and life. From this foundation one can pursue topics of further interest, but will have a core understanding of how life functions and interacts with its environment.

Ø      Work together as team to meet the requirements preset by the State Board of Education of Arizona.

Ø      Become life-long learners so we can always adapt to and appreciate the changing world around us.


Classroom Rules


As student, teacher and parent we will work together to provide an environment in the classroom that is safe and conducive to learning. 

Students will be expected to take responsibility and ownership of their actions. Because we are adults, together we will responsibly establish the rules of the classroom. We will decide on rules concerning distractions, interruptions and preparation. We will also responsibly establish consequences that are equal to the behavior. We will draft an agreement to these rules and consequences. 


The baseline rules are:

                    Come prepared

                    Complete Work

                    Actively Participate

                    One Person Talks at a Time

                    Actively Listen

                    Be Respectful









Discipline in my class will be in accordance to the Red Mountain Way. An overlook of the campus program can be found at 

A few highlights are as follows:

What is the Red Mountain Way Behavioral System? 

The Red Mountain Way Behavioral System is a positive behavioral system designed to provide structured interventions and supports for each student on campus. This systematic approach is designed to teach and recognize positive behaviors that benefit academic and social environments on campus while at the same time providing instruction and support to correct problem behaviors.

The focus of this system is to encourage the cultivation of Courage, Respect, and Influence in students. Ongoing training at the beginning of the year is being provided to familiarize students with this new system.



Textbook/Assigned Readings:

We have a classroom set of textbooks, in addition to the one that you will have at home. Textbooks will be used for classroom readings and assignments.


Homework is due at the beginning of class. It will be turned into my desk. If work is not legible, it won’t be accepted. Work that is not completed (everything answered to the best of your ability, not just verbiage) will not be accepted. Homework will be checked for completeness. These assignments will be returned to the student to review for test and quizzes. Homework is considered work to be done at home. The students will receive no more than 1 hour of homework per night in compliance with school board guidelines. Student are given enough time in class to finish most assignments. What they do not complete during class time will need to be finished before the next day’s meeting unless otherwise directed by the teacher. All assignments and due date will be posted in the classroom’s Canvas course. It is important that student monitor their progress and keep track of due dates using school planner. 


In science labs are an essential part of learning. You need to be prepared for labs and carefully follow directions given. Some labs require the use of goggles; these must be worn until I take my goggles off! Failure to do so will result in the loss of credit for the lab. Lab reports must follow the format provided. Labs will generally be done in groups, but the lab reports are to represent your own work.


The school’s policy requires that you miss no more that 10% of a course’s meeting times in order to receive credit. Throughout a semester lasting 90 days, you may be absent 9 times without losing credit. If you have 10 or greater absences, you will no longer receive credit for the course, but instead your transcript will show that you audited the class.

Make-Up Work:

If you are absent from school and your absence was excused, you will have three days to complete any missing work no matter the length of the absence. Missed homework and class assignments can be obtained by using the assignment calendar in the back of the classroom as well as the Canvas course’s web page.


Late Assignments:

Late assignments will be accepted up to the unit test for up to mastery in points.


Tests consist of multiple choice, true/false, short answer, problems, and essay questions. Tests include material from notes, labs, and assignments.


An old saying states, “cheaters never prosper,” and they won’t in my classroom either. Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to copying assignments and “wandering eyes” during quizzes and tests. If you are caught copying an assignment, your paper as well as the paper you are copying will be confiscated and both will receive zeros. If you suffer from “wandering eye syndrome” your paper will be confiscated and you will be the proud recipient of a zero.


With the introduction of Lion Time on Mon/Tuesdays and Thursdays/Fridays, along with the planned Tutoring sessions on Wednesday and alternating Saturdays, there are plenty of opportunities to get additional help if you feel you need it. All you need to do is remember to ask for it! 



The grades will be earned on a point system. All assignments will be given a point value. The quarter grades will be determined by the percentage of the possible points. Class points will be approximately 90% assessments and 10% assignments. Final grades are based on semester points and a 20 % final. These grades will be calculated at the end of the term. The Grading scale is:

90 to 100        A

80 to 89          B

70 to 79          C

60 TO 69        D

59 and below  F 


Grades can be checked by parents and students by accessing Mesa Portal 


Class Plan Acceptance Contract


Parent, Guardians and Students:


To ensure that parent or guardian and student have understood the classroom plan, I would appreciate signatures below and having the student bring this sheet back to class.


Everyone should have seen and reviewed a copy of the classroom management plan. 


The Chemistry class that you (students) have enrolled in has the potential to be very rewarding. The above class plan was designed to ensure that students are successful in the fast paced challenging Chemistry Class. I am here to facilitate your learning of this subject matter. I am here to help parents or guardians and students as best I can. Feel free to contact me at any time. Leave a message or send a note and I will get back to you.





 Mr. Bolster

Science Teacher