This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Geometry with a C or better. Geometric and algebraic concepts are extended and connected to topics in probability and statistics, exponential growth, and discrete mathematics. There is a focus on the development of students’ abilities to reason both numerically and spatially; to communicate; to solve problems employing a wide variety of methods; and to connect to other disciplines.






1) Listen, be courteous and follow directions.

2) Be in your seat and prepared for class when the bell rings.

3) Adhere to all Red Mountain standards and rules.

4) Attend class with a positive attitude and be willing to learn.



1) Verbal warning

2) Conference with instructor

3) ICR and call to parent

4) Conference with the assistant principal


Classroom Materials

1) Calculator (TI84 Plus C)

2) Spiral

3) Pencil, Highlighter, Color pen



1) Turn in by due date for full credit. Homework is posted in the calendar.

2) Work must be shown to get receive full credit.


Test and Quizzes

1) Tests will be given after completion of each Chapter, or as the material warrants.

2) Quizzes will normally be announced, but not always.

3) If a student is swept on a quiz or test day, the quiz or test must be made up that day, or the student receives a ZERO.



Grading Policy                        

Homework  10%

Quizes         40%                                       

Tests            50%

Grades are accumulative over the semester. 


1st Semester 80%

Final Exam     20%

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