Dual Enrollment (DE) Information

Note that placement tests must be taken to qualify for a DE course.  For CHM130/CHM130LL, a student must score higher than a 31 on the Accuplacer College Math test, higher than a 69 on the Elementary Algebra test, OR have completed a year of high school algebra and earned a score higher than 73 on the Accuplacer Reading Placement test. 

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The deadline for turning in DE registration materials for the 2015-2016 school year is TBA.

Honors Chemistry may be taken for Dual Enrollment (DE) credit through both RMHS and Rio Salado College. Students wishing to enroll in chemistry through Rio Salado College as well as RMHS will have the option of paying tuition to Rio Salado College. Upon completion of Honors Chemistry with a "C" or better, DE students will receive 3 credits for CHM130 (lecture) and 1 credit for CHM130LL (lab). Rio Salado College credits are transferable to ASU, NAU, U of A and BYU as well as many other universities around the country.

CHM130/CHM130LL are courses designed for non-science majors and are a great option for students wishing to eventually earn a degree in something like business or music. Many college majors require a minimum of 6 credits in science, 3 of which have to be in a physical science such as chemistry. Taking Honors Chemistry for DE credit will fulfill such a requirement. CHM130/CHM130LL will also fulfill the requirements for nursing, dental hygiene and fire science.

Students interested in majoring in science or engineering can still take this course for college credit, but the course will count as an elective rather than as the introductory chemistry course required for a degree.

There are a few distinct advantages to taking a DE class in high school. The first advantage is that students are in a small class with an instructor that is trained as a teacher. Many college instructors are experts in their content area but have never been trained as teachers. The second advantage is that college courses are taken in only 16 weeks. The same credit can be earned in high school over 36 weeks so students are exposed to college-level coursework in a time-frame that enables them to be successful. The third advantage is that the same course is less expensive in a high school setting. If a student chooses to take CHM130/CHM130LL at the community college, they will have to pay for books, lab fees and parking. RMHS covers these costs.

Please note that Honors Chemistry is the same course whether it is taken for college credit or not.

If you are interested in taking Honors Chemistry for college credit, please contact me and I will get you the necessary information required for registration. All sophomores must take a placement test in order to register. It is a 22 question reading test and students can take it at any of Rio Salado's testing centers. Juniors who have passed the reading portion of the AIMS Test have met the placement requirements. Here is the link to Rio's Testing webpage: http://www.riosalado.edu/testing/Pages/default.aspx