La gramática

I can…

Para empezar

Repaso del

español 1

Present tense

Present progressive


Estar + participle

…state what is happening

…communicate in the present tense

…tell others what and what not to do

…state how I am

Tu día escolar y las actividades extracurriculares







Free time



Tener, go-go verbs

Boot verbs


Hacer time expressions


Saber vs conocer

Ser and estar

…. communicate in the present tense about school and extracurricular activities

…state how long something has been happening or how long ago it happened

…state my preferences

…make comparisons and statements of equality

…state what I know and who I know

…state how and where I am and what I am like

Un evento especial:

¿Cómo te preparas?



Daily routines


Double verbs


Possessive adjectives

Intro to regular preterite

…talk about fashion

…state what I did

…buy something in a store

…talk about my day


Tú y tu comunidad



Community and getting around

Prepositions of place

Preterite:  ir, ser

Salir, decir, venir - preterite

It, them, us, you, him/her, me

All commands

…describe or state the location of something or someone

…use shorter sentences to avoid repetition

…tell others what or what not to do

End of Fall Semester

Cuando era niño

Childhood and celebrations


To whom or for whom with le, les

Reciprocal actions

…describe past celebrations

…describe what I was like and what I would do as a child

…describe to or for whom something is or was done


En las noticias


Accidents and natural disasters

Irregular preterite

Imperfect and preterite

…talk about what happened

…describe what the weather was like

…describe an accident scene

…talk about injuries and treatments

…describe what I was doing

La televisión y el cine





Gustar and friends

Present perfect


….state what I have done

…give my opinion

…state likes and dislikes



*course map may change based on the needs of the class