Red Mountain High School 


Course Description

General Information and Procedures



As is any laboratory setting safety must be the first and most important aspect of this class once the students arrive a strict policy must be understood with the student and parent in total agreement.  This is one of the most important aspects of this class .

This class is a year long course students will receive  a 1/ 2 credit per semester. The goal of this course is to introduce the student to the fundamentals of welding and set the student on a career path toward a welding career. The student will learn welding theory and gain practical hands on skills, during the second year students will start the process of learning the certification process during the 3rd year students will have the chance to obtain the AWS welding certification in several processes. 

This course will offer the following processes.

Ø  cutting processes  such as (carbon arc cutting, plasma arc cutting and oxy fuel cutting

hand and semi automatic procedures, and programmable CNC cutting with a plasma table

Ø  Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW or stick welding)

Ø  Metallic Inert Gas welding (MIG welding)

Ø  Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG welding)







 This course is designed to be followed up with Welding 2 and then Welding 3 and 4 which will lead to an industry standard, nationally recognized AWS certification.



In order to complete the required course work, attendance is a must. This class will be conducted as if it were a work environment. If you miss work, you miss getting paid. The same holds for this class and your grade. If you are absent, you must make up the missed work. This is your responsibility.

Any student that reaches 10 absences in this class will be put on audit status and not receive credit for the class.


Make up work

            It is the students’ responsibility to insure work is completed!  Any work missed due to absences (excused or not) must be made up within one day of the students return to class. The only exception is an excused extended leave of absence.



Getting to work on time is equally important. Employers are looking for dependable employees. Punctuality is a good sign of a dependable worker. Additionally, daily participation points are awarded and you will not earn them by being late. The student must be seated in their assigned seat when the bell rings to earn daily points. Any Student that is tardy for class will be assigned lunch detention.


Simply attending class on time each day does not mean you are learning. Learning is your job and you will need to be productive in this class to learn. Don't tell me how hard you've worked, show me what you've accomplished.



At the high school level students are expected to be responsible for themselves. There will be no passes issued to leave class except for emergency situations. Students are expected to handle outside class matters on their own time. If it is necessary for a student to leave the class, they will be required to sign out using the clipboard located by the front of the class. Any student who leaves the room without signing out will be assigned an unexcused ditch for the entire class hour. This is nonnegotiable.


Food & Drink Policy

There is no food or soft-drinks allowed in the Industrial Technology classrooms. Water is OK.



Participation ‑ As with any laboratory course, participation is a major factor in a successful learning environment. Therefore ten (10) participation points will be awarded each day. These points are contingent upon the above three behaviors: productivity, punctuality and attendance. Additionally, any behavioral disruptions will hamper earning these participation points. Students are also expected to bring with them a notebook with provisions for retaining papers, a pencil and any required work.


Late assignments will not be accepted!


Tests ‑ There will be a test virtually every week during the semester. The content of the test will be taken from lectures, demonstrations, homework and anything else that happens in the class.


 Note book ‑ The student will be required to maintain a three ring note book for class. All course materials, as well as handouts and work sheets distributed though out the semester will be checked during the semester.


The student’s grade will be based on total points.  The course average is based on the total points earned, divided by the total points available, multiplied by 100. 




Tests up to 50 questions are worth 100 points                      

Tests over 50 questions are worth 2 points per question        

Quizzes and class work are worth 2 points per response       

Notebook checks are worth 100 points each                            

 Course average__________letter grade                        

 100-90                                              A

 89-80                                                 B

79-70                                                  C                                               

 69-65                                                 D

59-0                                                     F

Lab Fee

There is a $40 lab fee for this course.  Safety glasses are required when in the shop.  Additionally the Lab fee will include a personal pair of safety glasses for the student.  If the student wishes to purchase an additional set the cost is $5.00. These are high quality, comfortable, OSHA Z87.1 approved glasses.  This fee must be paid in the bookstore. If the student has a financial concern and is unable to pay the fee, please see the instructor and special provisions will be made.  If the student elects to do an enrichment project, they will turn in a complete set of drawings with a bill of materials, and purchase the materials prior to the start of any shop work.


Appropriate enrichment projects for welding 1 include but are not limited to:


Ø  Small to medium sized BBQ’s

Ø  Timber jacks

Ø  Small tool boxes

Ø  Dirtbike stands or ramps

Ø  Can crushers/compactors



Enrichment projects that are NOT appropriate for welding 1 include but are not limited to:


Ø  Go-karts

Ø  Sand rails

Ø  Receiver hitches

Ø  Roll cages

Ø  Grind rails