Red Mountain High School

Safety Agreement

Career and Technical Education (CTE) 


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Due to the nature of the CTE courses the safety of your students and their classmates is of the utmost importance. Even though precautions are taken to ensure your student's safety there is no guarantee an accident will not occur. For a group of people to work together, certain codes of conduct must be followed to insure a safe and efficient environment is created and maintained. Safety must come first for all persons within the labs.

Students are expected to follow all class rules and participate cooperatively for the safety of all the students in the course and so all students have the same chance it successfully complete the CTE course objectives. Students will also be expected to follow all directions for the safe and effective use of all tools and equipment. Failure to follow safe and effective use of tools and equipment may cause an accident or damage tools and equipment and will result in the loss of use of tools and equipment for blatant violations.

Every Red Mountain CTE student should have a pair of safety glasses. The eye protection must meet of exceed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, and should be marked with a Z87.1 standard marking. Safety glasses may be purchased at any hardwre, building supply, or tool and equipment retailer. The cost is less than $5.00 a pair. Safety glasses/goggles are also available at the Red Mountain Bookstore. If securing safety glasses places a financial burden on the student or the student's family please contact me immediately so accommodations may be made to secure eye protection. Students are also required to wear shoes that completely cover the foot in all CTE workshops and labs, again if this poses any undo concerns or issues please contact me.  During the first few days students will need a signature from the parent and student  that all rules will be followed during the class students will not be allowed in the laboratory until the safety agreement is returned to me.