Mesa Community College Dual Enrollment
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Why Dual Enrollment?

The purpose of this page is to inform both you and your child about a wonderful opportunity when enrolled in Chinese 3. If you decide to take this opportunity, this means your child can earn college credit for Chinese 3 while attending Red Mountain/ Dobson High School. This is a Dual Enrollment (DE) course through Mesa Community College (MCC).



Let’s break it down! When registering with MCC this course will count for CHI 101 in the fall semester and CHI 102 in the spring semester. As long as your child receives a C or higher for both semesters he/she will earn five credits each semester. This is a total of 10 college credits before even stepping onto a college campus!

What’s the catch? Well, if deciding to take this course as Dual Enrollment, there is a college tuition fee. However, this Dual Enrollment fee is like Black Friday shopping for college credits! At ASU CHI 101 will cost around $3,570 while MCC Dual Enrollment for this same course will cost around $359. This is a savings of $3,211! According to the MCC tuition and fees schedule for 2019-2020 the course cost per semester will be $430, $86 per credit hour. There is also a registration fee of around $15. Making the total for each semester around $445. Also, when taking this class as a high school student there are no book or lab fees.  

Again this page is strictly informational and the registration process will not begin until the middle of August 2019.

The MCC advisor, Tracy Inorio, will visit DE classes to introduce the program and hand out registration packets at that time. Also, if you qualify for free and reduced lunch there is financial assistance available and the information needed will be included in the student registration packet.

For additional information please contact Tracy Inorio via phone at 480.472.8054 or email You may also contact the Early College Programs Office with Mesa Community College.

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MCC AdvisorIn the Commons at RMHS

Tracy Inorio is our best connection to MCC and the DE program at RMHS. Contact her for any questions you may have regarding the DE process at 480.472.8054 or