Ms. Emily Pavkov
PE70 - Beginning Dance


Instructor:  Ms. Pavkov        

Location: Dance room (502)

Supplies: $5 lock from bookstore. You may not use personal locks. All personal locks will be cut off lockers immediately. (PE uniform not needed for any dance course.)

Course Credit: 1/2 credit.  May be used to fulfill either the physical education or fine arts, elective course requirements for graduation.  This course may be repeated for credit.

Course Description: This class will introduce to the student the fundamental techniques and vocabulary of ballet, modern/contemporary and jazz.  Other dance styles like, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre and tap may be explored. Choreography concepts will be introduced and explored in class activities.  Participation in dance concert is not required but highly recommended (you must perform in concert if you would like to be considered for intermediate dance next semester).

Prerequisites:  None

Next Level of Dance Class Offered at RMHS:  PE 71/Intermediate Dance.  Teacher approval is needed to move into PE 71To be considered for approval your participation in PE 70 must include the following;  earn a C+ or better, choreography project completed, less than 9 absences, full participation in dance concert, including dress rehearsal, positive attitude and mastery of beginning level dance concepts and technique.

Course Objectives:

1.     To learn the basic technique and vocabulary in ballet, modern and jazz styles.

2.     To move with correct rhythm and timing while developing a personal performance style.

3.     To condition the body for its fullest movement potential; achieving this by working to improve our level of physical fitness.

4.     To promote creativity in each student through choreography.

5.     To continue to develop the students performing skills.

6.     To foster an appreciation for the arts.

7.     To learn the basic skeletal and muscular systems of the human body, so we as dancers can understand our movement instrument and help to prevent injuries.

8.     To increase the student's knowledge of dance history.

Dance Room Rules:

1.     Treat everyone with respect. 

2.     Always try your best.  Do everything full out unless told to "mark it"

3.     Be self disciplined.  Stay alert and "on-task".

4.     No profanity. *#%!*

5.     No food, drink, or dance bags in dance room.

6.     No cell phones should be brought into dance room during class. If I see one, it goes to phone jail!

If we all abide by the above rules it will be easy to accomplish our goal of excellence!