Ms. Emily Pavkov
PE75 - Dance Composition & Performance


Spring 2017 Final Showings


Instructor:  Ms. Pavkov       

Location: Dance Room #502.

Course Credit: 1/2 elective credit. May be used to meet either the PE or Fine Arts requirement for graduation.  This course may be repeated for credit.

Supplies: $5 lock from bookstore. You may not use personal locks. All personal locks will be cut off lockers immediately. (PE uniform not needed for any dance course.)

Course Description: This is an advanced level class with emphasis on the integration of advanced level choreography, technique and performance skills in modern, jazz, and ballet.  Musical Theatre and tap may also be explored.  Growth in developing an individual style and performance quality is expected. Dance concert is required along with the extra time scheduled to produce this concert. 

Prerequisites:  By audition only.  Returning underclassmen must re-audition each spring for placement the following year. Students enrolled in Advanced Dance and not performing at or above class standards will be asked to move to lower level class (also includes those students who are auditing or who are opting to take class as Pass/Fail). 

Next level of Class at RMHS:  PE 75/Dance Composition and Performance (Production). By audition only. Students that wish to be considered for Dance Production  must be able to cleanly demonstrate mastery of at least a triple pirouette along with the following factors  in determining readiness for production;  successful completion of PE 72 (B or better, contribution points completed,  choreography project completed, concert responsibility of  B or above,  less than 10  absences,  full participation in dance concert, positive attitude and demonstration of team player, mastery of advanced  level dance concepts and technique with a willingness to try new things and an attitude in class that demonstrates a students desire to improve not only in their technique but also their performance skills.  

Course Objectives:

1.     To improve the students level of technique in all styles mentioned above.

2.     To master advanced movement combinations including technique, rhythm, and performance for all dances in dance concert.

3.     To promote creativity in each student through the exploration of choreography.

4.     To develop excellent performing skills with a personal performance style.

5.     To produce a successful dance concert.

6.     To continue to develop an appreciation for the arts.

7.     To demonstrate positive group interaction and teamwork skills.

8.     To learn the basics in kinesiology, biomechanics and the skeletal system so we as dancers can understand our movement instrument and help to prevent injuries.

9.     To increase the student's knowledge of dance history.

10.  To condition the body for its fullest movement potential; achieving this by working to improve our level of physical fitness.

Dance Room Rules:

1.     Treat everyone with respect. 

2.     Always try your best.  Do everything full out unless told to "mark it"

3.     Be self disciplined.  Stay alert and "on-task".

4.     No profanity. *#%!*

5.     No food, drink, or dance bags in dance room.

6.     No cell phones should be brought into dance room during class. If I see one, it goes to phone jail!

Other important class information/consequences:

¨     You must Dress Out every day in appropriate dance attire as follows:

Tops-must be a non-embellished tank top or t-shirt (preferably solid colors). Leotards are always appropriate. Shirts you wore to school are not acceptable unless it is a spirit shirt!

Bottoms-must have stretchable pants that are no shorter than 2” above the knee unless you have tights on! Jazz pants and dance capris are always acceptable.  No booty shorts without tights. Booty shorts and tights must be worn under any bottom that is shorter than 2” above the knee.   Basketball shorts, boxer shorts are not acceptable under any circumstances.  You will lose participation points every day you are not dressed out and if this occurs more than 3 times in the semester you will be removed from a class dance.

¨     If you miss more than 9 days in a semester you will not receive credit for PE72 and will be dropped from all performances.  Audit appeals included.  This is a class where attendance is essential for successful teamwork in producing the concert.

¨     You must run the mile under 10:30 when tested in the semester.  If you fail to run or run with a time in excess of the 10:30 limit, you will lose the privilege to re-enroll in Advanced Dance or to audition for a higher level class. 

¨     If self-discipline becomes a problem to class achievement or learning environment then you will be talked to first and as a final disciplinary action you will be removed from the class dance first and a small group dance, each instance thereafter.

¨     When participating in master classes you must be dressed appropriately and display your best behavior. Ditching master classes will be dealt with on an individual basis.

¨     To remain cast in a dance you must:

a.      Learn all material and master movement by skill grades.

b.     Miss no more than twice/dance (including the two extra practices).

c.      Have a good work ethic in entire choreographic process (don't waste time, act maturely, respect choreographer and others in group, etc.)

¨     Contribution Points must be completed during the semester to re-enroll or move up.

¨     Choreographers

  1. May not schedule more than two mandatory extra rehearsals.
  2. Must give at least one week notice to dancers for extra practices.
  3. Keep cost of costume under $10.00 if you are not borrowing one from RMHS.

This is a class where rumors and gossip will lead to schisms in the team.  Please do not participate in the spreading of gossip and resist the temptation to play the "“she said” rumor mill.  Please let Ms. Pavkov be aware of any underlying tension/problems that arise.  Success is not only measured by the quality of the end- product but the process.  Let’s make the process (the entire 18 weeks) one that we enjoy and will remember in a positive way! 

If we all abide by the above rules it will be easy to accomplish our goal of excellence!