Lesson Plans- February 2, 2018

 Progressive Reforms (1890-1920)

I. Choose ONE of the following topics to research:

     * Destroying Trusts/ Monopolies

     * Destroying Political Machines, New Political Changes

        (State & National Level)

     * Improve Urban Living/ City Conditions

     * Improve Working Conditions

     * Suffrage (Voting) Movements/ Changes

     *  Conservation

     *  Improve Banking/Money


II.  In your research, answer the following questions:

     * What were the "problems"? Why was change needed in that area?

     * Identify the people, movements, laws, etc.... that are associated with

       each topic (find specific documents, cartoons, pictures, etc. to illustrate)

     * What were the proposed changes/efforts to improve to conditions? What 

        "reforms" were put in place to make change?

     * What effect/Impact did these reform efforts have on today's society?


III. Imagine you have been asked to create a museum exhibit concerning the Progressive Era Topic you have just researched. Use the information to design and create an interactive exhibit to help people learn about this time period. Make sure to include the following in your project (can be computer generated, or done by hand):

      * Each exhibit must include information on the perceived problems of the

        time, the reform efforts made to improve/change, and the impact those

        changes had/have on today's society. Also include some ideas about

        possible future (or current) reforms in those areas. 

     *  Each exhibit must have 10 artifacts (documents, signs, pictures, maps,

         statues, relics, etc) on display. Each artifact must include a description

         and caption that will be included in the museum (20pts)

     *  Each exhibit must have at least ONE interactive activity to help teach

         people your topic (computer game/activity, hands on project, etc). You

         do not have to create the entire activity, just a description of what it

         would look like, how it would work. (5pts)

     * You must include a floor plan that includes how your exhibit will be set up

         (you can have multiple rooms)- how will the artifacts will be presented,

         how it will be organized/ set up. Have an "flow" to the design. Floor plan

         can be drawn on paper, or created on the computer. (10pts)

     * Choose one "wall" or part of your exhibit and create a 2-D or 3-D model/

       drawing (again either by hand or computer) so that we can see what your

       museum would look like. Make sure you include the artifacts present, as

      well as the captions and any other materials you include in the exhibit.


This project will be due on Monday. You will present your exhibit to the class!



UNIT Exam will be next Thursday. A study guide will be available on the "Study Guides" tab (above) starting tomorrow. Review will take place on Wednesday (Tuesday for 0 Period).