Junior American Literature--RMHS

Full year; Credits earned: 1
Course objectives: http://www.azed.gov/azccrs/elastandards/9-12/ 

Course Description: An exploration of American ideas by American authors. Traces the theme and literary movements of literature in America. Reviews and stresses language flexibility, sentence structure and content development in the writing process. Emphasis is on organizing, developing, editing and revising compositions in exposition, narrative, argumentation and persuasion. Also includes vocabulary development, oral communication and research skills. 

Required reading: Fiction and non fiction articles, short stories, plays, and historical artifacts. 

Required writing: Analytical paragraphs, group projects, individual presentations and assignments. Novel Analysis, semester pre-test, Reflective Narrative Essay, Proposal, and a research paper.

 Skills: AVID strategies for critical reading, Vocabulary/Grammar, 6 traits of writing, respond to historical literature in a variety of writing styles. Evaluate a variety of media—ethos, pathos, logos,  and oral presentation speaking skills.

  *Selection of reading and writing materials is at discretion of the teacher as long as the materials fit within MPS policies and curriculum.  Reading and writing materials are subject to change throughout the semester.