* Be on time

* Be prepared

* Participate in class

* Be respectful at all times

Grading Scale

A= 100-90

B= 89-80

C= 79-70

D= 69-60

F= 59 or below

Daily Materials

*Blue or black pens *100+ loose leaf paper * 1-3" 3 ring notebook * 5 dividers * Notebook is due Wed. after school starts.

Make-up work and test make-up

You will have one day per absent day. Please make sure you follow up for yourself.

Homework and Late work

Homework may be extra assignments, or it may be an assignment that we began in class the previous day.  It will be due at the beginning of the hour. RMHS English Department policy states that late work will not be accepted--except for major assignments.  I may see you at lunch tutoring or Saturday school. I will try my best to help you with this--nobody wants to give up their lunch. 

Extra credit

I do not assign extra credit for individual students. On many occasions, I may offer an extra credit assignment to the whole class, but this will not be offered one-on-one for specific students.


RMHS has a zero tolerance policy.  If you are caught cheating on any test, essay, or assignment, you will receive a zero.  All cheating is plagiarism in English class.

Cell phones and other electronics in class

Please do not bring cell phones or electronics to class. They may end up in the hands of an administrator. This is an RMHS policy.


Because my room is right next to the bathrooms and water fountains, I will not give passes during class.  However, a pass to the nurse is always a possibility.


**As always, tissue boxes, hand sanitizer, paper towels, packages of pens and Clorox wipes are worth extra credit points and GREATLY appreciated!