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I am a Mesa resident but have lived in several states and two countries.  I have dual citizenship and value the freedoms here in the United States and try not to take them lightly.  I moved to Mesa over 20 years ago and consider it home.  I became a teacher because of my love for history, government, and economics.  My mission is to enable students to unlock their potential for learning by differentiating my teaching. I also hope to help students make the connections to the content that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Parody Project : 1st Place Fall 2019 - Supply & Demand

Fear the Fork!

Fear the Fork!

Mr. Whetten is an ASU Lifetime Alumni member.

Parody Project: 1st Place Fall 2020 All I Want..Is the Bill of Rights!


B.A. in History and Culture from Arizona State University

B.A. in Secondary Education from Arizona State University

M.Ed. in Secondary Education from Northern Arizona University

I hold teaching certifications in history, political science/government, and economics.




World History

American History

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Mr. Whetten

Mr. Whetten

Proud Econ Teacher

Proud Econ Teacher

Proud Government Teacher

Proud Government Teacher

Understanding how and why the State and Federal government work the way that they do is extremely important. We must pay attention and stay informed and most importantly, vote!