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Course Overview


US/AZ History is a year long course.  This course deals with the social, political and economic events, movements, and themes of the United States from its colonial development to the present.  An emphasis will be put on the following themes and relationships: American Identity/Culture, geographical regions, immigration, technology, industrial development, labor movement, foreign policy, federal vs. state government, gender roles, minorities, and role of the United States as a major world power.  Arizona will be highlighted and emphasized in the relevant context throughout the course. 


First Semester Power Standards             Second Semester Power Standards


Exploration/Colonization                                         Westward Settlement

Revolutionary War/Constitution                               Gilded Age

US History 1790-1824                                           Progressive Era

Age of Jackson                                                       US Imperialism

Antebellum Period                                      Roaring 20s/Great Depression

Civil War                                                                WWII

Reconstruction                                                        Cold War

                                                                              US History 1990-Present



Grading Scale                          

90-100 = A                                          Tests/Projects=60%

80-90 = B                                            Quizzes=10%

70-80 = C                                            Class work/Homework=10%

60-70 = D                                            Semester Exam=20%

Grading Procedures

Grades will be determined by a combination of assignments, projects, and tests.  Students will keep all assignments in their 3-ring notebooks.  Notebooks will be turned in on test days and specific assignments may be collected and scored individually, as well as part of a notebook grade.


Assignments are due on the designated day, with name, class period, and date in top right corner.  Notebooks are due on test day but will be accepted up to two days after the test day.  However, a letter grade deduction will be applied for each day after the due date.  It is the student’s responsibility to make-up any missed work. 

Required Materials

·        3 ring binder with loose leaf paper

·        3x5 index cards

·        Set of colored pencils, markers or crayons

·        Pen/Pencil, Highlighter(s)


Contact Information

The quickest and easiest way to contact me is email because I check several times daily.  If you would like to speak with me directly please do so at the number listed below.           



Class Expectations

  1. Attentive when Mr. Whetten is addressing the class.
  2. Be respectful of all persons and their belongings in this classroom.
  3. Be in your seat prepared for class when the bell rings.
  4. Only bottled water is permitted in class and must have a sealed cap.
  5. Be in your seat at all times unless given permission by the teacher or during a designated class activity.
  6. Quiet during tests!  If you have questions raise your hand.  Anyone talking during a test or caught cheating will be given a 0.



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Agreement and Understanding/ Parent Contact


I have read and understand the syllabus for US/AZ History and agree to abide by all of the course requirements classroom rules and classroom procedures as stated above.




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Student Signature                                                                                                                                Date


Should the occasion arise that parent contact is needed please provide the best way to reach you. Email is preferred and the fastest as I check my email multiple times daily.  Remember also that I have a teacher page attached to the school website where assignments, due dates, and announcements will be posted.  There are links to the grade book and my contact information as well.



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