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Algebra 1

This course provides an in-depth coverage of topics to help diverse students, with different backgrounds and career plans, to succeed inalgebra.  This course has two primary goals:  

1) To help students acquire a solid foundation in the skills and concepts of algebra.   

2) To show students how algebra can model and solve authentic real-world problems. 


Course Content

Chapter 1:  Solving Linear Equations

Chapter 2:  Solving Linear Inequalities

Chapter 3:  Graphing Linear Functions

Chapter 4:  Writing Linear Functions

Chapter 5:  Solving Systems of Linear Equations

Chapter 6:  Exponential Functions and Sequences

Chapter 7:  Polynomial Functions and Factoring

Chapter 8:  Graphing Quadratic Functions

Chapter 9:  Solving Quadratic Equations

Chapter 10:  Radical Functions and Equations

Chapter 11:  Data Analysis and Displays

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