Mr. Josh Barge
Weight Training

Weight Training Schedule

Quarter 1

4 Day a week Hypertrophy workout-alternate routine (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri).

1 Day Recovery, Fitness Day (Wed)

4 CORE lifts (Bench Press, Incline Bench, Squat, Dead-lift)

Quarter 2

3 Day a week total body power workout (Mon, Wed, Fri)

2 Day a week Conditioning Training (P90X Plyometrics, Yoga, Core Synergistic)

3 CORE lifts (Front Squat Press, Bench Press, Squat)

Max Testing

There will be three (3) Max test over the course of the semester. One at the beginning of the class to develop a baseline, one at the start of the second quarter, and one at the end of the semester. 30% of the second quarter grade will be based of Max lift totals in Bench Press, Back Squat, Deadlift, and Incline Bench Press. 20% of the grade will be based on improvement in max lifts over the course of the year.

3 RepMax will be used to calculate upper body lifts

3 RepMax will be used to calculate lower body lifts.

Sample Workout Cards

1st Quarter Workout Card (Weeks 1-3) (Weeks 4-6)

2nd Quarter Workout Card