Assistant Principal, Director of Athletics

Mr. Jason Grantham graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. He also earned a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.

Mr. Jason Grantham joined Red Mountain's faculty in 2000 as a special education teacher, serving in that role for 11 years. Mr. Jason Grantham joined Mesquite High School's faculty in 2011 as an Assistant Principal & Athletics Director. In 2011, he was named the Central Region Athletic Director of the Year. After serving 6 years as in that role, Mr. Jason Grantham was excited to return to Red Mountain for the past 4 school years.

In addition to serving as Athletic Director, Mr. Jason Grantham is the Sophomore Class administrator. Working collaboratively with Sophomore Student Counselors, Raina Rios and Lisa Sweet, he assists students as they navigate through their 10th grade year of high school. Please feel free to contact Mr. Jason Grantham regarding your student throughout the school year.