Welcome to Freshman Seminar!

Freshman Seminar Syllabus

Study Skills Course

Ms. Jennifer L. Caruso 480-472-8113        jlcaruso@mpsaz.org     Room 223

Description: This course is designed to provide academic support to incoming freshmen to help them acclimate to a high school campus.  Through instruction and project based learning we will experience real world relevance, college, and career readiness.

Weekly Schedule:

Monday – Weekly Progress for all courses (Grade checks)

Tuesday – Content

Wednesday – Content

Thursday –  Tutorials (Peer tutoring)

Friday – Activity Day (Weekly progress must be completed/approved in order to participate)

Content topics that will be covered:   
  • Self Advocacy
  • Organization 
  • Red Mountain Way
  • Campus Resources
  •  Avid Strategies
  •  Plan for the Future
  • Technology Strategies, Team Building


Daily Expectations:

  • Students are on time.
  • Respectful of all classroom policies and procedures.
  • Respect and helpful to one another.
  • Representatives of the Red Mountain Way

Students: Please click here after you read the above course overview and expectations. 

Parents/Guardians: Please click here after you have reviewed the above information.