Red Mountain's Attendance & Tardy Policy - Please read entire page

We count on parents and students to ensure that students attend school and arrive on time. 

Your student's academic success is our priority and it is important that they are in school. Satisfactory attendance at school is essential to learning, and regular attendance is a key to academic success. Satisfactory attendance at school is the responsibility of the student and his or her family.

Parents and guardians can view their student's attendance online through the parent portal at

For absence or tardy purposes, one class period equals one absence or tardy, Excused or Unexcused.

Red Mountain's Daily Bell Schedule

Mesa Public Schools Calendar


Mesa Public Schools policy states that every MPS student regardless of age, must be present for 90% of all class periods in order to be eligible to receive a grade and credit per class period.  A student who misses more than nine (9) excused or unexcused class periods in one semester will be ineligible to receive a grade and therefore forfeit credit for the class period(s).     

  • Students that are more than 10 Minutes late to a single class period will be marked as being absent. Students arriving within the first 10 minutes to class will be counted tardy. 
  • Cases involving prolonged illness or unusual circumstances will be reviewed by the school administration through an appeal process.
  • A daily phone call is made home stating that your student missed one or more class periods for that day.
  • An attendance letter warning of loss of credit is mailed home on the fifth (5th) AND seventh (7th) excused or unexcused absences for a given period. 
  • On the tenth (10th) excused or unexcused absences a school official will meet with the student and have them sign a Student Attendance Contract.  This contract restates the attendance policy. An administrator will contact a parent explaining that the student has exceeded their allowed nine (9) semester absences and could possibly lose credit and that copies of the Student Attendance Contract, Loss of Credit Notification and Appeal Paperwork will be mailed home.  
  • Completed Appeal Paperwork and Documentation must be turned into the Attendance Office as soon as possible but no later than 10 days before then end of each semester. 

Red Mountain's Tardy Policy

  • Students are considered absent if they are 10 or more minutes late to a single class period. Students arriving within the first 10 minutes to class will be counted tardy.
  • A student arriving with note from a doctor, dentist or other appointment will sign in and be sent to class.  Meaning they do not have to attend 1st Hour Sweep.  Depending on the time it will be an excused tardy or absence.  
    • Excused absences still count toward a student's maximum of nine (9) absences
    • Excused tardies still count towards a student's total number of tardies and being assigned detention. 
  • For periods 2-6 Red Mountain Teachers will establish their own tardy policy which may include a Office Discipline Referral.  
  • Please plan for the Red Mountain traffic each morning.  

1st hour Sweep

  • The campus perimeter gates will be locked when the bell rings at the start of each school day.
  • Students will enter through the front office to sign-in and report to the 1st Hour Sweep. Teachers will also send students to the Sweep Room if the student is within the gates but arrives to 1st hour after the bell rings signaling the start of class. 
  • Students that are walked in by their parents after the 8:00 am will receive a pass to class but will still be marked tardy.
  • Students will be asked to dispose of their food and beverages when they arrive to Sweep.  
  • Students will remain in 1st Hour Sweep for the entire class period.  
    • Students ARE able to work on assignments or homework.  However, they will NOT be allowed to use their cell phone.  Student Devices can be used for school work ONLY. 

How Parents Can Help

  • Parents are expected to inform the school when their student will be absent. 
  • Parents can ensure that their student arrives to school on time including each class period that follows. RMHS Bell schedule.
  • It is important that parents let the school know as soon as possible if their phone number or address changes. 
  • Please provide notes from doctors and dentists to excuse children from appointments, illness or injuries. 
  • If possible try to schedule appointments before or after school or on Saturday.
  • Absences must be excused by a parent within one day after their student's absence otherwise it will be unexcused. 
  • Parents are responsible for providing advanced notice when a student must leave during the school day for an appointment or other circumstances.  
  • Parents who anticipate extended absences should contact the school. A student can be withdrawn from school after missing 10 days in a row without parent contact. 

Arizona State Truancy Law

For information on Arizona State Law A.R.S. 15-802 or A.R.S. 15-803