Julie Nau
Art/CTE Department Chair

Student Supplies


  • 8GB or larger flash drive 
    Most students need more storage space than this. Consider a 16GB or an external hard drive instead. Especially if you are in Photo 2, Photo 3, or AP.
  • Student Device
    Students MUST have a laptop with Adobe CC loaded on it. We no longer have a lab with computers for student use. If you are not comfortable with your student checking a device out and are not able to provide a device with the Adobe Suite on it, your student will not be able to remain in the class.

Highly Recommended

We have all of these items for students to use in class, but not enough for a class set. Students won't have to wait for one if they have their own, PLUS it will be a lot easier if they have something they can use at home as well.

  • Card Reader
    There is a SD card reader built into the student devices. If you are not getting a school provided device, these come in a variety of colors. These work fine as well. The school has a few, but we "lose" several of these every year and would make a much appreciated donation! IMPORTANT - if you use Canon and shoot with a CF card we only have ONE card reader for those cards AND there is no CF card slot in the student devices. Definitely get one of your own!
  • SD Card - 8 or 16GB
    Larger card sizes are not recommended. They make it much too easy to just leave everything on the card so when it fails students lose all their images.
  • Digital Camera - dSLR or Compact with Manual controls
    This is NOT required but definitely highly recommended. Any digital camera will do, but a camera with manual controls such as M, S/Tv, and/or A/Av will best suit their needs. We have Nikon d3100, d3200, and d5000 models but ANY brand will do.

    The school cameras are available for checkout with a signed camera contract for one night only. Due to high demand, cameras must be returned the next school day or the student will not be able to check them out any more.


We are always in need of the following items for use in the Photo lab and studio. Many of these items are used to help support students who cannot afford to purchase them.

  • Flash drives
  • SD cards
  • Card readers
  • Kleenex 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Any and all old photo and studio equipment, even if it is broken! We take them apart.


1st Period - OIDC*

2nd Period - OIDC

3rd Period - OIDC

4th Period - OIDC

5th Period - OIDC

6th Period - OIDC

OIDC stands for "Online Instructional Design Coach." In other words, I help other teachers integrate Canvas into their classrooms.



  • After School
    Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 3p to 4p.
  • Lunch
    Everyday as long as you let me know you are coming. Sometimes I teach PD for teachers during lunch.

Remember - if you can't find me I am probably either in my office in the Media Center, the front office or working with another teacher. If it is a time I am supposed to be there, I will most likely be back pretty quickly. If the room is open you can just go in and work.